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AAR Mid–Atlantic and New England–Maritimes
Joint Regional Meeting
March 15–16, 2012

Hyatt Regency New Brunswick
Two Albany Street
New Brunswick, NJ 08901
Phone: 732-873-1234; Fax: 732-873-1382

  1. Paper Proposals (250–500 words) should include full name, title, institution, phone number, fax number, e-mail, and mailing address. The proposal should state, as fully as possible, the proposal’s purpose and how the argument will proceed. Provide enough context to show that you are aware of the basic literature in the field and summarize the argument of your presentation. An abstract of the paper (150 words) should also be included. Abstracts of accepted papers will be posted on the regional webpage prior to the conference.

  2. Proposals for a Panel Session should also include abstracts (150 words) and contact information for each individual participant. A “panel” is a session with one announced theme and a list of participants who address that theme but do not present separate formal papers.

  3. Proposals for a Paper Session should include the name of the designated session head and should also include abstracts (150 words) and contact information for each individual participant. A session with separately arranged paper titles is considered a “paper” session.

  4. Depending on the number of participants in a session, you will have approximately twenty-five (25) minutes to present your paper (whether by reading it or by interactive discussion) and to respond to questions. Since the average person reads one double-spaced, ten-font page, without notes, in 2.5 minutes, your paper should not exceed ten double-spaced pages. This will allow a few minutes at the end for questions. Please do not exceed this limit.



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