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AAR Mid–Atlantic and New England–Maritimes
Joint Regional Meeting
March 15–16, 2012

(Please print out and return this sheet with your paper or session proposal if submitting by mail; otherwise please include this information in your e-mail submission.



Title of Paper or Session Proposal:


Institutional Affiliation:


Are you interested in presiding at a conference session at the March 2012 meeting?

Yes _____ No______

Would you be interested in serving as a Section Chair in the future?

Yes _____ No ______

If eligible, would you like your paper to be considered for an award?

Yes _____ No _______

If you checked “yes” for the previous question, for which of the following award(s) would you like your paper or session to be considered? Please refer to the call for papers for further information about regional awards.

Robert F. Streetman Prize (for MAR–AAR graduate student papers)



NEMAAR Graduate Student Awards for Excellence



Kate Connolly-Weinert Prize (for a session or panel from MAR–AAR members dealing with peace issues or women’s studies)




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