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From the Editor

The Beginning of Spring and Enticing Annual Meeting Plans

AAR Membership

Enrich Your Professional Life

Annual Meeting News

2010 Annual Meeting News
2010 Annual Meeting Satisfaction and Registration Survey
Atlanta Annual Meeting Photo Gallery
Sustainability Success with NativeEnergy
Job Center 2010 Statistics Reveal Employment Trends in the Field
2009-2010 Employment Survey Highlights
2010 Leadership Workshop Report: Interdisciplinarity Offers Opportunities and Challenges
Thank You to Outgoing Program Unit Chairs
Media Attend 2010 Annual Meeting
2010 Annual Business Meeting Minutes
2011 Annual Meeting News
Where to Stay in San Francisco
Important 2011 Annual Meeting Dates
Plenary Speakers in San Francisco
Workshop Information:
Religion and Media Workshop on "What’s Next for Texts: Scripting Religion in a Networked World"
Rethinking Islamic Studies Workshop on "Gender, Sexuality, and Bodies in the Text"
Status of Women, Racial and Ethnic Minorities, and LGBTIQ Persons in the Profession Workshop on "Overcoming Barriers to Underrepresented Scholarship: A Strategy and Action Workshop"
Sustainability Workshop on "Teaching About Religion and Sustainability: The Animal Question"
Tour Information
New Program Units
Future Annual Meeting Sites and Dates


In the Public Interest:
Is the God Beat Dead?
Research Briefing:
The Letters of Saint Patrick
From the Student Desk:
On Teaching Religious Studies


A Conversation with the President
Board Actions
Academy Fund Contributors
Call for Officer Nominations
Call for Committees of the Board and Working Group Nominations
Committee, Task Force, and Jury Members
Board of Directors
Regional Coordinators
Committees of the Board
Audit Committee
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Finance Committee
Nominations Committee
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Working Groups
Academic Relations
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International Connections
Public Understanding of Religion
Status of Racial and Ethnic Minorities in the Profession
Status of Women in the Profession
Teaching and Learning
Task Forces
Status of LGBTIQ Persons in the Profession
Theological Education
Excellence in the Study of Religion Book Awards
History of Religions
Religion and the Arts Award
Research Grants
Outgoing Committee, Task Force, and Jury Members
The Book Corner
Free Content Available on JAAR Website
All About AAR/OUP Publications: The Reflection and Theory in the Study of Religion Series
Academy Series Editor Search
Research Grant Awards 2010-2011
Regional Development Grants
Regions Corner
Eastern International Region
Mid-Atlantic Region
Midwest Region
New England-Maritimes Region
Pacific Northwest Region
Rocky Mountain-Great Plains Region
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Spotlight on Theological Education

Exploring the Transition from Graduate School to Seminary Teaching
Perspective on Teaching, Scholarship, and Service for New Faculty in Theological Schools
Pedagogical Pilgrimage Taking: Exploring the Transition from Graduate School to Seminary Teaching
Life on the Other Side: Moving from a Graduate School of Religion to a Theological Seminary
The Academic Voice of the Church

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