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Please join us at the Annual Business Meeting to discuss these bylaws changes. The Annual Business Meeting will take place at the San Francisco Marriott Marquis Hotel, at 7:30 AM on Sunday, November 20. The Annual Meeting session number is A20–3.

Acting on a recommendation from the Regions Task Force, the AAR Board of Directors has unanimously recommended changes to the bylaws. In order to finalize the proposed changes, this description of the proposed changes has been made available at least thirty days before the Annual Business Meeting. If two-thirds of the members at the Business Meeting vote to support the changes, the changes will be ratified.

The proposed changes concern Article VIII of the bylaws. Proposed additions are underlined. Proposed deletions are struck through.

Article VIII. Regional Groups

Section 1. Nature and Scope. To enhance the AAR’s programs and activities in support of its purposes, the Board of Directors may establish regional groups. Each regional group may sponsor meetings and other activities within its assigned geographical area and charge fees sufficient to cover the costs of such activities. No region may levy additional dues or fees. Members may belong to only one region. Members who reside within a region are automatically constituents members of the region that regional group.  However, members may choose to become a member of a different region if they wish. Attendance and participation in non‐governance related regional activities shall be open to all Members, regardless of their place of residence.

Section 2. Governance. Each Board‐established regional group is subject to the authority of the Board of Directors. Each regional group shall maintain a record of its activities, and the Regional Secretary Coordinator shall submit an Annual Report with financial statements to the Executive Director. Only current Members who reside within the geographical area of the regional group may hold office or vote in regional elections. Regional directors and officers must be AAR members and must be members of that region. The regional student director must be a student in good standing at a school located within that region. Only members of a region may vote in that region’s elections.


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