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San Francisco, Marriott Marquis San Francisco Hotel
Sunday, November 20, 2011

1. Call to Order

President Kwok Pui Lan called the Annual Business Meeting to order at 8:05 AM and welcomed members. Thirty-six people were in attendance.

2. Approval of 2010 Minutes

The previous year’s minutes were approved (Bowman; unanimous).

3. Memorial List

Kwok Pui Lan read the predistributed memorial list of members who had passed away since November 1, 2010. Those remembered are: Alejandro García-Rivera, Nancy A. Hardesty, Gordon D. Kaufman, Leslie S. Kawamura, John Keegan, James C. Livingston, Susan L. Nelson, Alan F. Segal, and Richard E. Wentz.

4. President’s Report

Kwok Pui Lan recognized Jack Fitzmier and acknowledged his completion of five years as AAR Executive Director. A new contract with Jack Fitzmier has been successfully negotiated. Kwok expressed her gratitude to Fitzmier, especially for shepherding the transition of the Board's governance structure. Fitzmier received a round of applause.

The Biosphere project and the benefits of collaboration were mentioned, and it was confirmed that the Board has viewed the Beta version. Steve Herrick was recognized for his work on the project and received a round of applause.

Kwok Pui Lan stated that the Board would like to see more robust fundraising take place. She has initiated a new donor category called the President's Circle. Contributions to the President's Circle will provide support to racial and ethnic minority students who would like to present papers at the Annual Meetings. The newly established Sustaining and Supporting membership categories were also mentioned.

5. Report on the State of the Academy

Executive Director Jack Fitzmier declared the 2011 San Francisco Annual Meeting successful, with a very strong attendance (10,440 as of 11/19/11). Concurrent again with SBL, the 2011 AAR meeting is the second largest ever held (2007 was the largest). AAR staff members were thanked for their work.

Fitzmier thanked President Kwok Pui Lan for her dedication to the Academy and commented on the positive spirit of the Board. Fitzmier led the round of applause for Kwok Pui Lan.

Brian Pennington and the Regions Task Force were acknowledged. Members were reminded of the recent changes to the Region's governance, with the ten regions established as LLCs, and the Regionally Elected Directors changed to Regionally Elected Coordinators.

An update on the status of Biosphere and the Sakai projects was given, with Fitzmier commenting on the benefits of utilizing Open Source systems. The AAR will provide other ACLS organizations with an opportunity to use what we develop and establish, and share the costs of association management software.

The AAR membership is growing. With 15 percent of membership lost in previous years, we are now edging back up in numbers. Financially the AAR is getting stronger, though it is still operating with a smaller staff. Fitzmier acknowledged Deborah Minor and her work as Director of Finance. Fitzmier noted that this is the sixth year in a row that auditors have had no concerns. Deborah Minor and Ina Ferrell were recognized and given a round of applause.

Fitzmier declared the AAR is healthy and the future looks bright. He thanked the Board of Directors and all members in attendance.

6. Vote on the Proposed Bylaws

Kwok Pui Lan invited Brian Pennington to speak about the proposed bylaw changes concerning the Regions. Pennington outlined the proposed revisions to the AAR bylaws, which would give members the option to participate in a region other than their own.

Motion: That the proposed changes to the AAR bylaws regarding the Regions be accepted. The motion was passed (unanimous).

7. 2011 Election Results

Kwok Pui Lan announced the election results: Laurie Zoloth is the new Vice President, Warren G. Frisina is the new Secretary, Roberto Lint Sagarena is the new At-Large Director, and Elonda Clay is the new Student Director.

The members of the Board who are rotating off were thanked for their dedicated service to the Academy: Michel Desjardins, Miguel De La Torre, and Elizabeth Lawson. Kwok Pui Lan led the round of applause for the incoming and departing Board members.

8. New Business

The Occupy Movement and the AAR's role in accommodating members who wish to participate were briefly discussed. The AAR wants to be supportive, but not a sponsor. Fitzmier and SBL Executive Director John Kutsko posted a joint statement of support on the Annual Meetings' mobile app.

Kwok Pui Lan thanked her colleagues on the Board of Directors for their hard work, and acknowledged the Board members present. She also invited all AAR staff to be recognized for their work.

Otto A. Maduro was invited to the podium and Kwok Pui Lan welcomed him as the Academy’s new President.

9. Adjournment

The meeting adjourned at 8:37 AM.

Respectfully submitted by Elizabeth Hardcastle
November 21, 2011


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