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Several journal and book publishers offer discounts to AAR members in order that they can enjoy reduced rates on books and journal subscriptions. To access the discount information page, click here (you must be an active AAR member in order to access the page). The following book and journal publishers have partnered with AAR to offer such discounts.

Free Trial Offers for DeGruyter Books and Journals

DeGruyter is pleased to offer AAR members free online trial access to the products listed below. The offer will be good from now until March 21, 2013.

Archiv für Religionsgeschichte
Der Islam

EBR Database

Anthropology of Religion by Stephan Feuchtwang (ISBN: 978-3-11-022356-9)
Civic Priests by Horster (ISBN: 978-3-11-025808-0)
Eine Marienerscheinung in Zeiten… by Grasmuch (ISBN: 978-3-11-022055-1)
Expanding Religion by Tomka (ISBN: 978-3-11-022816-8)
Magie by Otto (ISBN: 978-3-11-025421-1)
Play and Power by Droogers (ISBN: 978-3-11-025951-3)
Religion, Economy, and Cooperation by Pyysiainen (ISBN: 978-3-11-024633-9)
Saints and Signs by Massimo (ISBN: 978-3-11-022952-3)
Sons of the Buddha by Carbine (ISBN: 978-3-11-025410-5)
Sound and Communication by Wilke/Moebus (ISBN: 978-3-11-024003-0)
Spaces and Borders by Mate-Toth (ISBN: 978-3-11-022814-4)
Understanding Religion by Saler (ISBN: 978-3-11-021866-4)

Book Publishers

ACLS Humanities E-Book
The AAR is a member of the American Council of Learned Societies. The ACLS offers individual annual subscriptions to ACLS Humanities E-Book (HEB) to current AAR members. The HEB offers unlimited access to nearly 3,000 full-text, cross-searchable titles across the humanities and social sciences, from the 1880s through the present.

Ashgate Publishing
Ashgate Publishing offers AAR members a 10% on religion titles.

Oxford University Press
Most religion titles are offered at a 20% discount. Books in the AAR/OUP book series are offered at a 30% discount. Special offers will also be given occasionally.

University of California Press
The University of California Press offers AAR members a 20% discount on religion titles.


The prices below reflect the discounted amount provided to all current AAR members.

Harvard Theological Review
The Heythrop Journal
International Journal of Systematic Theology
Journal of Anglican Studies
Journal of Chinese Philosophy
Journal of Contemporary Religion
Journal of Ecclesiastical History
Journal of Religious Ethics
Journal of Vaishnava Studies
Modern Theology
The Muslim World
New Blackfriars
New Testament Studies
Politics and Religion
Religious Studies
Religious Studies Review
Reviews in Religion and Theology
Scottish Journal of Theology
Teaching Theology and Religion


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