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In Baltimore, you can expect the unexpected. From the stunning Inner Harbor area, where the Annual Meeting will be held, to the nearby historic neighborhoods, you’ll discover a walkable city filled with more activities than you can fit into a long weekend. The "Charm City" is abundant with must-see museums and attractions, historic sites, impressive events, mouth-watering restaurants, and premier shopping.

Baltimore is a city with a rich history dating back to the founding of our country. This proud history includes people and events that have shaped the nation and impacted the maritime industry, sports and entertainment, and African American history. The city is still making advances and this is seen first-hand at the redeveloped Inner Harbor, where in the late 1970s it set the standard for urban renewal.

With so many celebrations and activities from which to choose, you’ll discover something perfect for you in Baltimore! It is with great pleasure that the AAR welcomes you to Charm City and we sincerely hope that you enjoy your visit.

For more Baltimore visitor information, guidebooks, and maps, contact the Baltimore Convention and Visitor's Bureau or view their website at www.baltimore.org.



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