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Friday, November 16, 2:00 PM–5:00 PM

McCormick Place East – 353B

Christine Kraemer, Cherry Hill Seminary, Presiding

How do we sustain ourselves as scholars when most academic jobs are casual and part-time? In 2005, adjuncts made up 57 percent of the faculty at Harvard and 70 percent at Boston University. The shift away from tenure-track positions has only continued, creating new financial, social, and emotional challenges for those who entered academia hoping for professorships. This new academic job market demands a creative, entrepreneurial approach to making a living – as well as the willingness to collaborate in maintaining the academy's mission to serve the public.

This three-hour workshop is designed to help academics in the humanities and social sciences to approach academic work as only one part of a wider picture that potentially integrates a variety of income streams. Participants will examine their own history and relationships to academia and become more empowered through discovering marketable skill sets they may not know they possess. We will strategically build sustainable life strategies, considering what activities and relationships bring us real joy and can therefore be maintained in the long term. Finally, we will discuss what scholars can do as a group to support meaningful liberal arts education in a time of economic crisis.

Participants will have the opportunity to:

  • Reframe the issue of work/life balance in the context of an academic career
  • Describe their abilities in terms of generalizable skill sets
  • Consider the role of online teaching in twenty-first-century education
  • Explore the personal and professional benefits of collaboration
  • Begin to build a broad-based network that supports scholars individually, while also furthering sustainable alternative and traditional environments for scholarship

Amy Hale, Saint Petersburg College

The cost for the workshop is $25. Registration is limited to the first 30 participants. To sign up for the workshop, log back into the online Annual Meeting registration system and add the workshop or call 1-404-727-7972.

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