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Call for Proposals

This Section encourages paper and panel proposals in all areas of Islamic studies. Successful proposals will reflect theoretical and methodological sophistication and engagement with existing scholarship along with innovative examination of Muslim practices and texts. As always, we welcome submissions dealing with the Qur’an and the Sunna, Islamic law, philosophy, theology, mysticism, ritual, gender and sexuality, modernity and globalization, teaching Islam, religious pluralism, and other areas of general interest. Furthermore, we encourage proposals dealing with Shi’ism within and across these areas. This year we especially invite papers or prearranged panel or paper sessions on the following topics:

  • Muslim experiences and institutions in Chicago
  • The ahl al-bayt
  • Best practices and strategies for nonspecialists who teach Islam
  • Material culture, both historical and contemporary
  • The “new revivalism”
  • North American forms of Islamic authority
  • Globalized Islamic studies scholarship
  • The ethics of selling scholarly expertise outside the academy
  • Religion, medicine, and healing, for a potential cosponsored panel


This Section is the primary home for the academic study of Islam within the AAR. We encourage multiple approaches from textual studies to social scientific methods and encompass various subjects, from Qur’anic studies to modern reform movements. We also have an enduring interest in pedagogical issues associated with the teaching of Islam. The purpose of this Section is both to provide a forum for dialogue among differing approaches and projects within Islamic studies and to provide opportunities for the discussion of work that affects the overall field of the study of religion. We normally organize five to seven sessions at each Annual Meeting.

Anonymity of Review Process

Proposals are anonymous to Chairs and steering committee members until after final acceptance/rejection.


Kecia Ali
Boston University
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Frederick S. Colby
University of Oregon
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Method of Submission