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Congratulations to our five Regional Development Grant Winners.

Once again, the Regions Committee received exciting grant proposals from around the country. Please look on the AAR website to see the proposals from the winning grants. We hope you are able to participate in some of these conferences.

The Regional Development Grants were awarded to:

Andrea L. Stanton, University of Denver will hold a one-day conference entitled "Religion in the Rocky Mountains and Great Plains." The conference will engage Denver area constituents in an interdisciplinary discussion of current research on religious identity and practice in the Rocky Mountains and Great Plains areas.

Davina C. Lopez, Eckerd College, for her project "Teaching Religion at Liberal Arts Colleges: Professors and Chaplains Exploring Vocational and Pedagogical Issues." This project seeks to engage through structured conversations the intersections of several movements in literature and practices among higher-educational professionals who engage religious traditions at small liberal arts colleges.

Shreena Gandhi, Kalamazoo College, Amy Derogatis, Michigan State University, and Brian C. Wilson, Western Michigan University, for a conference on "Religion, Health, and the Body in North America. The conference, scheduled for May 2013, will bring together religious studies scholars primarily from the Midwest to advance scholarship on religion, health, and the body in North America.

Jeremy M. Schott, University of North Carolina, Charlotte, and Maria Doerfler, Duke University, for a conference on "Late Antiquity Made New: A Celebration of the Career of Elizabeth A. Clark." This conference will bring together approximately 75 scholars of Late Ancient studies, Early Christianity, and related disciplines to focus on documenting the emergence of late Antiquity as a discipline and exploring directions of contemporary and future research.

Sabrina MisirHiralall, Montclair State University, and Daniel McClain, Loyola University, Maryland, for their "Fostering Regional Student and Scholar Formation" series. This series of initiatives and programs will provide resources for undergraduates, graduates, and esteemed faculty to develop their professional life and to foster their intellectual growth.


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