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January 2013

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Call for Proposals

For its inaugural session, this Group invites paper proposals on the following topics:

  • Contemporary and historical approaches from within the field of religious studies to the relationship between religion and affect. Theoretically informed examinations of specific religious affects, explorations of the role of affect in particular religious traditions, and theoretical work that develops religion and affect as a methodology are all welcome

  • In keeping with the theme of pluralism, papers exploring pluralism, secularism, and postsecularism from the perspective of affect/emotion

  • For a possible cosponsored session with the Men, Masculinities, and Religions Group, masculinities and religious affects. Feminist theorists have pointed out that the history of Western thought has tended to divide the sexes using affect — where women have been seen by many religious traditions as passionate and emotional, men have been aligned with reason and lucidity. These correspondences have had a major impact on religion — for instance by underpinning male claims to religious authority. Affect theory suggests, however, that we not only take apart these constructions, but look at the hidden affects that go into their production. This session will explore the affects of religious masculinity. Papers might consider questions like: What are the emotions that compose masculine religious identities? What male-gendered bodily practices go into the cultivation of particular affective textures? How are masculinities regulated using emotional expectations and practices? How do religious traditions challenge or reconstitute masculinities using affect? We would like the full text of accepted papers available for circulation beginning November 1, 2013


This Group provides space for theoretically-informed discussion of the relationship between religion, affect, and emotion. The Group serves as a meeting point for conversations on the affective, noncognitive, and passional dimensions of religion coming from diverse fields, including anthropology, comparative religion, psychology, decolonial theory, gender and sexuality studies, cultural studies, philosophy, and theology. Proposals drawing on these theoretical resources to examine specific religious traditions, shifting historical understandings of religion and affect/emotion, comparative work that looks at affective forms across traditions, and broader theoretical reflections are all welcome.

Anonymity of Review Process

Proposer names are anonymous to Chairs and Steering Committee members during review but visible to chairs prior to final acceptance or rejection.


M. Gail Hamner
Syracuse University
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Donovan Schaefer
Haverford College
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Method of Submission


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