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Call for Proposals

Christian Zionism — a phenomenon that supports a variety of disciplinary approaches — has had many implications for the eastern Mediterranean. Politically mobilized Christian support for the State of Israel, for instance, has implications for Israelis, Palestinians, and neighboring states. What political implications can be attributed to Christian Zionist perspectives on theology and biblical interpretation? What implications do these views have for relations between Muslims, Christians, and Jews in the region? How does the movement inform political and communal relations in other contexts, especially in areas of Muslim–Christian tension? Scholars from various disciplines are invited to explore these and other aspects of Christian Zionism, with the goal of clarifying the movement’s impact on the religious and political realities of the eastern Mediterranean.


The phenomenon of Christian Zionism — in its contemporary forms, faith-based Christian political support for the State of Israel — provides opportunities for reflecting on the intersections of religion with history, popular culture, domestic political movements, foreign policy analysis, and interreligious engagement, among other topics. Specifically, the subject is becoming a locus of rich intra-Christian conversation, including matters of biblical interpretation, fundamentalism, and evangelicalism. Although Christian Zionism is largely an Anglo-American phenomenon, scholars in several contexts have turned their attention to the topic. More precise studies are needed so the phenomenon can be better comprehended.

Anonymity of Review Process

Proposer names are visible to Chairs but anonymous to Steering Committee Members.


Goran Gunner
Church of Sweden Research Department
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Robert O. Smith
Baylor University
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