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January 2011

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Call for Proposals

This Group invites submissions addressing the following topics:

  • The Group recognizes the various debates around climate change. What might pragmatism have to offer to how we think about the enviroment? What is the relationship between pragmatism and ecology?
  • The complex intersection of pragmatism and feminism
  • Cornel West described his contribution to the tradition of pragmatism as prophetic pragmatism. We invite papers that examine the relation between the “prophetic” and the “pragmatic”
  • The “mystical ways of knowing” and pragmatism
  • Pragmatism and empiricism

Panel proposals are also welcome.


The mission of this Group is to foster the advancement and understanding of the pragmatic and empiricist traditions in American religious thought, as well as the intersections of those traditions with other methodologies, intellectual figures, artistic movements, communities, and issues. This Group is concerned with critically interrogating, evaluating, and developing the insights and relevance of the pragmatic and empiricist traditions of American thought, broadly construed, for the study of religion and theology, with attention both to historical interpretation of ideas and contemporary developments within this critical sphere of philosophical and theological reflection. Recent areas of interest include pragmatism and democracy, the continued relevance of empiricism to the revival of pragmatism, multidisciplinary aspects of the tradition (intersections with other fields of inquiry), overlaps with cultural criticism and analyses of gender and race, and the application of pragmatic and empiricist analyses to contemporary problems.

Anonymity of Review Process

Proposer names are visible to Chairs and Steering Committee Members at all times.


Beth Eddy
Worcester Polytechnic Institute
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Eddie S. Glaude
Princeton University
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Method of Submission


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