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Call for Proposals

Inspired by Edgar Allen Poe and his hometown of Baltimore, this Cluster will be assembling a prearranged roundtable on the gothic as a way to explore the complexities of genre and genre analysis. Possible approaches include the mediation of the gothic, the gothic in popular and visual culture, modern reinvention of historical architectural styles (i.e., gothic-revival churches), horror films, “Goth” scenes, and the appearance of religion and media in gothic literature, film, and subcultures. Other possibilities include gothic parody, both in gothic literature and in goth culture.


As religious practice is deeply embedded in the everyday aesthetic lives of people, careful analysis of these aspects of culture have become crucial for the academic study of religion. Several program units of the AAR have responded to this need, and this Cluster seeks to find overlaps and differences in methodology, subject matter, media analysis, and historical investigations between ways of approaching the material and artistic mediations of religious life. These four Program Units (Arts, Literature, and Religion Section; Religion and Popular Culture Group; Religion, Film, and Visual Culture Group; and Religion, Media, and Culture Group) collectively examine the ways humans engage the sacred through various media including, but not limited to film, literature, television, architecture, the fine arts, and a wide variety of material objects.

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S. Brent Plate
Hamilton College
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