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Call for Proposals

This Group welcomes panel and paper proposals on the following two session topics:

  • Anthropology, affections, and awakenings in Jonathan Edwards (1703–1758) and John Wesley (1703–1791) — for a cosponsored session with the Evangelical Studies Group. Proposals should be comparative in character and should give significant attention to both figures. We especially encourage papers that focus on one of the following three questions: How is the human self pictured or conceptualized (anthropology)? How is human life driven or directed (affections)? How is human community established, renewed, and refashioned (awakenings)?
  • Women in Wesleyan and Methodist traditions. Thirty years ago, Abingdon Press published two volumes of essays under the common title Women in New Worlds, deriving from the conference of that name held in Cincinnati in 1980. Throughout the last three decades, many articles and monographs have illuminated the complex history and multifaceted roles of women in Wesleyan and Methodist traditions. Papers are invited that will continue this trajectory by providing an even more comprehensive understanding of the contributions made by women in the Wesleyan theological and spiritual heritage. While papers on individuals will be considered, we particularly encourage papers attending to denominational and/or global dimensions or to the racial/ethnic diversity of Wesleyan and Methodist traditions


This Group seeks to promote the critical understanding and appropriation of Wesleyan traditions. Our sessions are purposefully structured to encourage not only historical/sociological studies, but also theological reflection — critique and extension. We understand Wesleyan traditions to include Methodist, Holiness, and other related strands of Christian tradition.

Anonymity of Review Process

Proposer names are visible to Chairs but anonymous to steering committee members.


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Emory University
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Seattle Pacific University
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Method of Submission