Dear Readers:

Welcome back to Religious Studies News! I hope you are enjoying the firstĀ hints of Spring.

I am sure you are eager to explore our March issue of RSN. We have a very robust Annual Meeting section, including both the wrap-up of our 2010 Annual Meeting in Atlanta and a lot of information concerning our upcoming 2011 Annual Meeting in San Francisco, California.

The News section contains an interview with our AAR President, a call for colleagues to serve our Academy, and other important information related to the AAR. Please be sure to check our new section, the Regions Corner, in which each of our ten Regions has posted information about their upcoming events.

Our Spotlight on Theological Education in this issue explores the transition from graduate school to seminary teaching.

And finally, please be sure to check out our growing Resources section. We have added several items to the website in the months since our last issue. Inside the Resources Menu are several delightful additions to the website, including:

Ask Academic Abby: Advice given on professional concerns and how to navigate the occasionally treacherous waters of academe. We are always seeking new material.

Archives: Past issues of RSN and Spotlight. Additions have been made to this section. We continue to add new material.

Recommended Reading: Influential, pivotal, seminal, or otherwise important publications in various fields of religion and theology. Additions have been made to this section.

Stephanie Gray
RSN Editor