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Call for Proposals

This year’s theme is community and authority, power and resistance. We invite constructive — not merely descriptive or historical — proposals exploring the sources of authority and critique within and between the Christian churches and wider society. We seek proposals for individual papers or panels that relate to the general theme and to one or more of the following topics:

  • Church unity and the relationship of “the church” to the churches
  • Ecumenical relationships between the churches and/or between the church/es and other religious traditions
  • The relationship between the church/es and the state, and between the church/es and global capitalism
  • The continuing challenge of liberation theology — to the churches and to the world — with particular reference to its founding figures
  • Theological implications of new forms of church life, such as emerging churches and fresh expressions
  • Hierarchy, polity, and power
  • Feminist and womanist readings of Schleiermacher’s ecclesiology, including its implications for other dogmatic themes, for a possible joint session with the Schleiermacher Group

For planning purposes, our theme for 2013 will be "practices of the Christian life."


This Section promotes new constructive work that is in dialogue with the historical theological traditions on the one hand and with all aspects of the contemporary context on the other — intellectual movements, methodologies, multiple theological and religious perspectives, and ethical/social/political contexts. We continue to indicate more specific topics in our Call for Papers, which we believe adds to the relevance and interest of our sessions.

Anonymity of Review Process

Proposer names are visible to Chairs but anonymous to steering committee members.


Gerard Loughlin
Durham University
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David Stubbs
Western Theological Seminary
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Method of Submission