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Call for Proposals

This Section invites proposals providing theoretical analysis and diverse ethical methodologies in response to the following themes:

  • Progressive elements in the Church and society, including politics, public policy, and poverty
  • The 2012 United States Presidential election
  • Mass incarceration and capital punishment
  • Interreligious ethics
  • Work and immigration
  • Virtue ethics in the public sphere and human value studies
  • Bioethics and healthcare
  • The Chicago School of Pragmatic Ethics
  • Papers of particular excellence on other topics and panel proposals

All proposals should identify the methodology used and outline the contribution of the argument to current academic conversations.


We are an established Section of the AAR that has served scholars concerned in the field and others interested in the intersection of ethics and other disciplines within the academy over an extended period of years. We believe it is inconceivable for any comprehensive study of religion to be undertaken without serious attention to the ethical teachings that are an integral part of every known religion. This Section seeks to serve the AAR by providing a forum for the ethical interests and issues all religious traditions address. We provide the opportunity for intellectual and academic exchange through the discipline of ethics. We encourage younger scholars and work to have a diversity of perspectives and methodologies represented from various religious traditions.

Anonymity of Review Process

Proposer names are visible to Chairs and steering committee members at all times.


Victor Anderson
Vanderbilt University
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Stacey M. Floyd-Thomas
Vanderbilt University
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Method of Submission


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