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The AAR and SBL made it easy for members to purchase Renewable Energy Credits when traveling to the 2011 Annual Meeting. By simply clicking a box on the online registration page, members could choose to give $15 to NativeEnergy.

The AAR and SBL are pleased to have collected a total of $8,250 from 550 participants in this carbon offset program. In addition, the AAR and SBL earned $274.60 from the sale of Bay Area Rapid Transit (BART) vouchers. Along with a $500 donation for the AAR and SBL’s staff travel, we sent NativeEnergy a check in the amount of $9,024.60. We kept 636 tons of CO2 out of the air with our carbon offset program last year — let’s top that this year!

The total number of people registered for the AAR and SBL Annual Meetings came to 10,513 and they were given the option of participating in the program. Of these, 550 participated — for a final total of five percent participation.

The AAR’s Sustainability Task Force selected NativeEnergy because of its commitment to reducing greenhouse gases while supporting its sustainability projects. NativeEnergy is one of the top carbon offset companies in the United States and the world. NativeEnergy helps build Native American, farmer-owned, community-based renewable energy projects that create social, economic, and environmental benefits. NativeEnergy helps finance and build new, clean, and renewable energy projects that help create sustainable economic benefits for Native Americans, Alaska Native villages, and other local communities, and that help America’s family farmers compete with large agribusiness. These projects will reduce the depletion of fossil fuels and lower greenhouse gas emissions.

The AAR and SBL are continuing this program in 2012. We encourage you to make this inexpensive commitment to helping make our meetings more environmentally friendly.

To learn more about NativeEnergy, visit www.nativeenergy.com.


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