January 2012

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Call for Proposals

The theme for this year is “Schleiermacher and His Readers.” In the nearly two hundred years since his death, many different Schleiermachers have emerged in literature. This is due partly to Schleiermacher’s own promiscuity of style and genre, but also partly to the different scholarly projects for which he has been recruited or that have positioned themselves as responses to his work. We invite reflections on the ways in which Schleiermacher has been understood and utilized by more recent writers, be they nineteenth century figures like Hegel or Ritschl, turn-of-the-century readers like Troeltsch and Otto, or contemporary scholars like Jörg Rieger and Susannah Heschel. Of particular interest will be papers whose aim is to elucidate fundamental faithfulness to or transgression from Schleiermacher’s own thought in critical uses and responses. Accepted papers are to be submitted in advance of the Annual Meeting and will be made available to meeting participants.


This Group is committed to the following:

  • Providing a forum for sustained and focused study of texts — texts penned by Schleiermacher, read by Schleiermacher, and inspired by Schleiermacher
  • Identifying theological, religious, ethical, and philosophical themes with a wide range of appeal and contemporary relevance and sponsoring sessions on them
  • Balancing the interests and scholarship of specialists and nonspecialists alike
  • Identifying, helping to establish, and supporting scholarship in new areas of Schleiermacher research
  • Being fully and creatively engaged in theological conversations in the AAR and inviting serious scholarship on Schleiermacher’s oeuvre — scholarship that will shape the questions for the next generation of Schleiermacher scholars

Anonymity of Review Process

Proposals are anonymous to Chairs and steering committee members during review, but visible to Chairs prior to final acceptance or rejection.


Andrew Dole
Amherst College
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Method of Submission

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