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January 2011

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Call for Proposals

This Group invites submissions addressing the following topics:

  • The ground-breaking work of Luis Rivera Pagán in many ways marks Latino/a trajectories in what is now considered postcolonial thought. From his classic A Violent Evangelism: The Political and Religious Conquest of the Americas (Louisville, KY: Westminster John Knox Press, 1992) through Los sueños del ciervo: Perspecyivas Teologicas Desde el Caribe (Quito, Ecuador: Equipo de Historia y Sociología del Protestantismo en Puerto Rico and Concilio Evangélico de Puerto Rico, 1995), his scholarship in English and in Spanish has been influential in theology, history, and the study of religion in Las Américas. This Group is seeking submissions that build upon the insights and direction Rivera Pagán’s work has inspired over the past thirty years
  • The movie La Mission (2009), staged in San Francisco, provides a unique opportunity to discuss religion, culture, and film at this year’s Annual Meeting. From the low-rider cars to the father-son relationship taxed by harsh homosexual cultural stereotypes to the various signs of popular religiosity, this film provides a plethora of opportunities for engagement and thought. We are seeking submissions that discuss any aspect of this film in relationship to Latino/a religions, cultures, and societies
  • Individual papers and proposals on any topic related to Latina/o religion


This Group examines, through systematic study and reflection, the social locations, religious beliefs, and practices of the rich and diverse multicultural backgrounds of Latina/os in the United States. We recognize that this is an interdisciplinary enterprise in view of the cultural and religious roots and sources of Latino/as, including heritages from indigenous nations of the Americas, Africans, Asians, and Europeans. The traditions emerging out of the mixture of these cultures throughout the Americas continues to undergo further development and innovation in the North American context, producing the distinct phenomena of Latino/a theologies and religions. It is this rich and deep religious/theological cultural/social/political complex that is the focus of this Group.

Anonymity of Review Process

Proposals are anonymous to Chairs and Steering Committee Members until after final acceptance or rejection.


Neomi De Anda
Loyola University, Chicago
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Néstor Medina
Seminario Evangélico de Matanzas, Cuba
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Method of Submission


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