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Regional Coordinator:

John M. Beard
Religion Department
Gettysburg College
Gettysburg, PA 17325
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This is just a gentle reminder that the Mid-Atlantic Regional meeting is occurring now!

March 15–16, 2012
Hyatt Regency New Brunswick
New Brunswick, NJ, USA

Our 2012 joint regional meeting of the Mid-Atlantic and New England–Maritimes Regions is to be held on March 15–16, 2012. As is customary for the Mid-Atlantic Region, once again we will be meeting with the Mid-Atlantic Region of the Society for Biblical Literature (MAR–SBL). Based upon the very large turnout for the last meeting, the MAR–AAR Executive Committee has once again selected the Hyatt Regency Hotel in New Brunswick, New Jersey, as our venue. The New Brunswick Hyatt is three blocks from the local Amtrak station, nineteen miles from Newark International Airport, and thirty miles from New York City.

The theme for the 2012 conference is “Interpreting Multiculturalism and Pluralism.” As witnessed by the terrorism in Norway this past July, trends in globalization have brought dissimilar communities into contact with one another in ways never before imagined with both positive and negative consequences. This year’s theme seeks to explore how communal collisions across boundaries of gender, race, class, age, and sexuality have shaped religious praxis, thought, and topography, redefined communal borders, or otherwise altered religion around the globe. While multiculturalism and pluralism are closely linked, they are not synonymous. However, definitions of these terms are numerous and contested. The projects presented in New Brunswick this year will reflect such contestations, leaving room for more than one definition of either as they are interpreted through a variety of hermeneutical lenses and in a multitude of situations.

Our two plenary speakers for this year will address our main theme from diverse perspectives.


Tom Banchoff, editor of Democracy and the New Religious Pluralism (Oxford University Press, 2007) and Religious Pluralism, Globalization, and World Politics (Oxford University Press, 2008), is director of the Berkley Center for Religion, Peace, and World Affairs at Georgetown University. He received his BA from Yale University (summa cum laude) in 1986, an MA from the University of Bonn in 1988, and a PhD from Princeton University in 1993. He was a Conant fellow at Harvard University’s Center for European Studies in 1997–1998 and a Humboldt Fellow at the Centre for European Integration Studies in Bonn in 2000–2001. Banchoff was awarded the DAAD Award for Distinguished Scholarship in German studies in 2003.

Jeannine Hill Fletcher, Fordham University, is the author of Monopoly on Salvation?: A Feminist Approach to Religious Pluralism (Continuum, 2005) and the article “As Long as We Wonder: Possibilities in the Impossibility of Interreligious Dialogue.” Her research interests include a variety of systematic issues related to method in theology, including global Christianity/Christology, feminist theology and, most recently, theology and the postmodern subject. Hill Fletcher also has a special interest in intersecting methodology with theological anthropology, drawing on the voices and experiences of previously marginalized groups. She is also interested in diverse teaching methods, especially the pedagogies of service-learning.


Mid-Atlantic Annual Business Meeting

The annual business meeting will be held on Friday, March 16, 10:45 AM–11:55 AM. Elections will be held for two available officer positions and other opportunities to serve the region will be made available. Please attend, get a free lunch, and seize this opportunity to serve the region in a leadership position! We are particularly interested in faculty stepping forward into regional leadership. Regional leaders are very welcoming with great collegiality, a great way to get to know people, and build community.

Sections at the Regional Annual Meeting

  • Christian History and Theology
  • Contemporary Theology (Nineteenth Century to Present)
  • East Asian Religion
  • Global Religion and Pluralism
  • Medieval Studies
  • Pedagogy
  • Philosophy of Religion
  • Psychology and Religion
  • Regional Religious History
  • Religion and the Arts
  • Religion and Ethics
  • Religion, Gender, and Sexuality
  • Religion in America
  • Religion, Pop Culture, and Media
  • Scriptural Reasoning

Note about Registration Fees for Non-Presenters

Conference attendees who are not presenting may register at a discounted rate of $30. Note that presiding at a session is not considered presenting, and non-presenters who volunteer to preside at sessions will still be charged this discounted rate of $30. Both presenters and non-presenters are encouraged to volunteer to preside at sessions. The preregistration form below has an area that you may check off if you are interested in presiding at a session.

Mid-Atlantic Regional Awards

As has become our custom, MAR–AAR will award the Kate Connolly-Weinert Prize of $200 to the most innovative group session (or panel) dealing with peace issues or women’s studies.

To help foster graduate student participation, the Executive Committee of the MAR–AAR will again award the Robert F. Streetman Prize of $200 for the best student paper presented at the conference by an AAR regional member.

Both awards will be presented at the joint regional meeting of the Mid-Atlantic and New England–Maritimes Regions.

New England–Maritimes Regional Awards

To help foster graduate student participation, the Executive Committee of the New England–Maritimes Region will again bestow the NEMAAR Graduate Student Awards for Excellence for the three best student papers presented at the conference by a NEMAAR regional member.


Online preregistration is now available online. Please utilize the AAR website for registration, as it saves paper and helps the region fulfill our national AAR mandate to promote environmentally sustainable gatherings. Preregistration for the meeting using a paper form is no longer available.

Hotel Information

Hyatt Regency New Brunswick
Two Albany Street
New Brunswick, NJ 08901
Phone: 732-873-1234
Fax: 732-873-1382

The Hyatt Regency is offering hotel room registration for the MAR/NEMAAR regional meeting. You may call Hyatt Central Reservations at 888-421-1442 to reserve rooms. Please indicate that you are attending our conference so that you can receive the conference rate. Normal hotel rates will apply given the lateness of the date. Since only fifty discounted rooms have been reserved for Wednesday, March 16, and Thursday, March 17, and fifteen discounted rooms have been reserved for Friday, March 18, we strongly encourage you to reserve your room early. Parking is available at the Hyatt for conference participants at a discounted rate of $6 a day.

If you are looking for a roommate for the conference, please contact NEMAAR at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it . All we can offer in this regard is to pass on contact information.


As part of the American Academy of Religion’s commitment to host environmentally-sustainable meetings, we are asking participants to consider bringing reusable beverage containers and name badge holders from previous conferences in order to cut down on waste at the conference.

For any ongoing updated conference information please consult our website at http://www.aarweb.org/About_AAR/Regions/Mid-Atlantic. Information will be posted as it is available during the upcoming academic year.

Please note that the system for electronic submission of paper proposals is now closed.

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