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From the Editor

The Start of a Delightful New Year with the 2012 Annual Meeting Call for Papers

Annual Meeting News

2012 Annual Meeting Deadlines
General Call Instructions
Call for Papers
Arts, Literature, and Religion
Christian Systematic Theology
Comparative Studies in Religion
History of Christianity
North American Religions
Philosophy of Religion
Religion and Politics
Religion and the Social Sciences
Religion in South Asia
Study of Islam
Study of Judaism
Teaching Religion
Theology and Religious Reflection
Women and Religion
African Diaspora Religions
African Religions
Afro-American Religious History
Animals and Religion
Anthropology of Religion
Asian North American Religion, Culture, and Society
Augustine and Augustinianisms
Bible in Racial, Ethnic, and Indigenous Communities
Bible, Theology, and Postmodernity
Bioethics and Religion
Black Theology
Body and Religion
Bonhoeffer: Theology and Social Analysis
Buddhism in the West
Buddhist Critical-Constructive Reflection
Buddhist Philosophy
Childhood Studies and Religion
Chinese Religions
Christian Spirituality
Christianity and Academia
Cognitive Science of Religion
Comparative Religious Ethics
Comparative Studies in Hinduisms and Judaisms
Comparative Theology
Confucian Traditions
Contemplative Studies
Contemporary Islam
Contemporary Pagan Studies
Critical Approaches to Hip-Hop and Religion
Critical Theory and Discourses on Religion
Cultural History of the Study of Religion
Daoist Studies
Death, Dying, and Beyond
Eastern Orthodox Studies
Ecclesiological Investigations
Evangelical Studies
Feminist Theory and Religious Reflection
Gay Men and Religion
Indigenous Religious Traditions
International Development and Religion
Islamic Mysticism
Jain Studies
Japanese Religions
Kierkegaard, Religion, and Culture
Korean Religions
Latina/o Critical and Comparative Studies
Latina/o Religion, Culture, and Society
Law, Religion, and Culture
Lesbian-Feminist Issues and Religion
Liberal Theologies
Liberation Theologies
Martin Luther and Global Lutheran Traditions
Men, Masculinities, and Religions
Middle Eastern Christianity
Mormon Studies
Music and Religion
Native Traditions in the Americas
New Religious Movements
Nineteenth Century Theology
North American Hinduism
Open and Relational Theologies
Pentecostal-Charismatic Movements
Platonism and Neoplatonism
Practical Theology
Pragmatism and Empiricism in American Religious Thought
Psychology, Culture, and Religion
Queer Studies in Religion
Reformed Theology and History
Religion and Cities
Religion and Disability Studies
Religion and Ecology
Religion and Humanism
Religion and Migration
Religion and Popular Culture
Religion and Public Schools: International Perspectives
Religion and Science Fiction
Religion and Sexuality
Religion in Europe
Religion in Europe and the Mediterranean World, 500-1650 CE
Religion in Latin America and the Caribbean
Religion in Southeast Asia
Religion, Colonialism, and Postcolonialism
Religion, Film, and Visual Culture
Religion, Holocaust, and Genocide
Religion, Media, and Culture
Religion, Memory, History
Religion, Sport, and Play
Religions in Chinese and Indian Cultures: A Comparative Perspective
Religions, Medicines, and Healing
Religions, Social Conflict, and Peace
Religious Conversions
Ritual Studies
Roman Catholic Studies
Sacred Space in Asia
Science, Technology, and Religion
Scriptural Reasoning
Scriptural/Contextual Ethics
Sikh Studies
Sociology of Religion
Space, Place, and Religious Meaning
Tantric Studies
Theology and Continental Philosophy
Theology of Martin Luther King Jr.
Tibetan and Himalayan Religions
Tillich: Issues in Theology, Religion, and Culture
Transformative Scholarship and Pedagogy
Transhumanism and Religion
Vatican II Studies
Wesleyan Studies
Western Esotericism
Womanist Approaches to Religion and Society
Women of Color Scholarship, Teaching, and Activism
World Christianity
Yoga in Theory and Practice
Yogācāra Studies
Christian Zionism in Comparative Perspective
Comparative Philosophy and Religion
Global Perspectives on Religion and HIV/AIDS
Religion and the Literary in Tibet
Religion in the American West
Religion, Food, and Eating in North America
Stand-Alone MA Programs in Religion
Future Annual Meeting Sites and Dates