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Call for Proposals

This Section invites individual papers, papers session, and roundtable proposals from a wide variety of religious and cultural traditions exploring women’s experiences and the category of gender in local and transnational contexts. We especially welcome proposals that address the following themes:

  • Women’s religious activism and connections between activism and scholarship

  • Doing feminist/womanist work on and off the tenure track (the politics of creating new spaces for feminist work inside and outside the academy, the implications of the hiring crisis in the profession — loss of tenure-track positions and increasing use of adjunct labor)

  • Critical theorizing of space, especially intersections of space, gender, race/ethnicity, class, religion, etc.

  • Feminist/Womanist analyses of U.S. politics and political groups, particularly those who reference religion as a source of their ideological framework

  • Impact of the 2012 election on discourses around gender and religion, especially focusing on topics such as healthcare, the economy, female politicians/political leaders, gender in electoral politics, and representations of gender in political discourse

  • Feminist/Womanist analyses of gender in conservative, traditional, or nontraditional religious discourses

  • Ethics of eating in various religious traditions, especially focusing on race/ethnicity and class relations with food, meanings of food, eating patterns, and eating decisions

  • Women, war, and militarism

We encourage nontraditional ways of sharing scholarly work on women and religion and welcome a variety of formats to promote interactive sessions.


This Section seeks to promote inclusivity and excellence in scholarship. We have been intentional about including participants and presenters from interdisciplinary approaches and we encourage nontraditional ways of sharing scholarly work on women in religion. In the process of making selections for Annual Meeting sessions, we work collaboratively with other Sections, Groups, and Seminars to promote scholarly conversations across fields and methodologies. We are committed to providing an inclusive scholarly environment where new voices can be heard and critical analyses of women and religion can be advanced.

Anonymity of Review Process

Proposer names are anonymous to Chairs and Steering Committee members until after final acceptance or rejection.


Nami Kim
Spelman College
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Deborah Whitehead
University of Colorado, Boulder
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Method of Submission


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