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Call for Proposals

This Group welcomes proposals on the following themes:

  • Christian involvement in the Arab Spring. Possible topics can include engagement, participation, and reactions from leaders, activist groups, and politicians. Interdisciplinary approaches are encouraged and can include political, social, legal, as well as theological developments. We are especially interested in the intersection of these various developments and how they influence new civic, religious, and political discourses
  • Cosponsored with the Christian Zionism in Comparative Perspective Seminar, we invite proposals that discuss the theopolitical phenomenon of Christian Zionism from a variety of methodological approaches. We are particularly interested in approaches that seek to elucidate the doctrinal elements present in many Christian Zionist writings — including various forms of dispensationalism — and the biblical hermeneutics utilized by both Western and Middle Eastern Christian communities, as well as the effects of Christian Zionism on the Christian communities in the Middle East, and how those perspectives inform global, ecumenical, and interfaith relationships
  • Perspectives on Middle Eastern Christians in diaspora


This Group is devoted to the study of developments within Coptic, Armenian, Chaldean/Assyrian, Syrian, Maronite, and other relevant communities living inside the Middle East or in lands of immigration. The Group covers themes from the early Christian period to the present, encompassing various approaches and subjects. Its aim is to establish an interdisciplinary platform for dialogue among differing approaches and projects and to provide opportunities for scholars to discuss their work in relation to the overall field of the study of religion.

Anonymity of Review Process

Proposals are anonymous to Chairs and steering committee members until after final acceptance/rejection.


Mark Swanson
Lutheran School of Theology, Chicago
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Nelly van Doorn-Harder
Wake Forest University
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Method of Submission