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Call for Proposals

We invite proposals exploring immortality, the afterlife, heaven, hell, or similar topics. We are especially interested in constructive proposals exploring how these topics might best be understood in light of open and relational theological perspectives. We also invite proposals for a joint session with the Science, Technology, and Religion Group on how best to talk (or not) about miracles in light of theology and twenty-first century science. Organizers of this joint session plan to accept multiple proposals but allow only brief presentations during the session itself.


This Group brings together scholars of diverse interests and concerns. Prominent among those who participate are scholars who label themselves as process-oriented, openness-oriented, Wesleyan, feminist, liberationist, Arminian, trinitarian, evangelical, etc. Those participating generally affirm the following:

  • Theology involves speculation about who God truly is and what God really does
  • God’s primary characteristic is love
  • Creatures — at least humans — are genuinely free to make choices
  • God experiences others in some way analogous to how creatures experience others
  • Both creatures and God are relational beings, which means that both God and creatures are affected by others in give-and-take relationships
  • God’s experience changes, yet God’s nature or essence remains the same
  • Creatures are called to act in ways that please God and make the world a better place
  • The future is open — it is not predetermined by God
  • God’s expectations about the future are often partly dependent upon creaturely actions

Anonymity of Review Process

Proposer names are visible to Chairs and steering committee members at all times.


Thomas Oord
Northwest Nazarene University
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Method of Submission