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January 2013

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Call for Proposals

This Group offers a forum for developing transformative strategies for integrating activism, education, and scholarship. This includes learning in conversation with activist communities, thus allowing our understanding of religious traditions, culture, and knowledge itself to be challenged and shaped by such engagement. We invite proposals on the following topics:

  • Hands-on workshops exploring best practices in transformative teaching in online and low residency learning — what are the challenges and the new possibilities?

  • What are the many and complex ways power functions in our classrooms and educational institutions? What are the power and authority of teachers engaged in transformative education, especially when they come from traditionally underrepresented and marginalized communities in the academy?

  • What are transformative educational philosophies and practices for evaluating students?

  • What are we learning as educators and scholars from experiences of teaching in the prison system? How are we engaging the prison industrial complex in transformative ways?

  • What are powerful examples of public transformative scholarship that has the potential to change society at large?

  • Papers, papers sessions, workshops, or roundtable discussions that explore engagements between scholars, teachers, and activists in the Baltimore area. Preference will be given to proposals for a roundtable session and to very interactive formats


This Group seeks to address pedagogical issues in relation to social transformation. We seek to develop models of transformational pedagogy that assist educators to combine social analysis, social action, and academic vocations of teaching, administration, and research.

Anonymity of Review Process

Proposer names are visible to Chairs but anonymous to Steering Committee members.


Gabriella Lettini
Graduate Theological Union and Starr King School for the Ministry
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Darby K. Ray
Bates College
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Method of Submission


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