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Congratulations to our three Regional Development Grant Winners.

Once again, the Regions Committee received exciting grant proposals from around the country. Please look on the AAR website to see the proposals from the winning grants. We hope you are able to participate in some of these conferences or use the research tools created by the video project.

The Regional Development Grants were awarded to:

Beth Katz, executive director of Project Interfaith, in partnership with the Rocky Mountain–Great Plains Region, "will prepare resources for its Community Mosaic Video Project, which aims to increase public dialogue about belief, religious diversity, and identity. As part of this program, Project Interfaith will create a set of discussion guides — one for high school students, one for college students, and one for the general community — that will help encourage and steer conversations on religion concerning issues of identity, stereotypes, diversity, and building an inclusive community."

Christina Traina, professor, department of religious studies, director of graduate studies, Northwestern University, will hold a graduate student conference on "Religion and the Trans…" that "seeks to create conversations on the crossing of geographic and conceptual borders, as well as 'the trans' as a fertile space within lived religions. The goal of the conference is to foster dialogue about the potential for understanding borders as more than just barriers."

Charles Mathewes, associate professor, University of Virginia, and Philip Lorish, Cristina McRorie, and Kristopher Norris, doctoral candidates, will hold the second annual Virginia Graduate Colloquium in Theology, Ethics, and Culture in April 2012. "This colloquium seeks to nurture dialogue, to promote the sharing of new research initiatives, and to expose an up-and-coming generation of religious studies scholars to senior practitioners in their respective areas of interest."


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