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Tribute Gifts

The AAR is proud to recognize the following contributions received in memory of and in honor of friends and colleagues

In Memory Of

James J. Dagenais
Thomas A. Idinopulos

Roland Delattre
Thomas A. Idinopulos

Bernard M. Loomer
Thomas A. Idinopulos

F. Stanley Lusby
Thomas A. Idinopulos

Daniel C. Noel
Thomas A. Idinopulos

Charles Winquist
Thomas A. Idinopulos

In Honor Of

Susan Henking
AAR Publications Committee

Individual Gifts

Gifts of $1,000 and above

Mark Juergensmeyer
Jeanette M. Meyer

Gifts from $500 to $999

Ann Marie B. Bahr
Diana L. Eck
Julianna Lipschutz
Martin Marty
Charles Mathewes
Mary McGee
Peter J. Paris
Emilie M. Townes


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