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Call for Proposals

This Consultation welcomes proposals for individuals papers or full sessions on any aspect of Mormon studies. Particularly encouraged are proposals that address “heterodox” aspects of Mormonism — premortal existence, temples, deification, apocalypticism, etc. — in the context of Western esotericism (for a possible cosponsored session with the Western Esotericism Group). Also of special interest, given the West Coast location of the Annual Meeting, are proposals exploring Mormonism in the Pacific region and Asia, as well as in the American West.


This Consultation will examine the range of topics, disciplines, and methodologies that can be brought into dialogue with Mormonism as studied in an academic environment. We are interested in exploring strategies for teaching about Mormonism both as the main focus of a class or as a unit within a survey course. We seek to identify the best resources available for teaching and understanding the tradition and provide encouragement for scholars to fill gaps in what is currently available. This Consultation encourages significant comparative studies and interdisciplinary cross-fertilization and hopes to explore intersections between Mormonism and ethics, theology, philosophy, ecclesiology, missiology, spirituality, arts and literature, sociology, scripture, and liberation studies.

Anonymity of Review Process

Proposer names are visible to Chairs and Steering Committee Members at all times.


James M. McLachlan
Western Carolina University
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Grant Underwood
Brigham Young University
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Method of Submission


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