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With 10,000 members AAR is the world’s largest organization serving scholars, professionals, and teachers in the field of religion. AAR membership enriches the professional life of those involved in the academic study of religion with:

  • Professional Development — AAR organizes workshops and informational sessions on topics that impact your professional life. Workshops on how to get published, managing the challenges of work/life balance, and leadership issues are just some of the themes covered in recent years. Members also get access to Career Services, the largest point of entry into academic positions within the field, and other employment resources.
  • Publications — AAR membership delivers the Journal of the American Academy of Religion, one of the premier scholarly journals in religious studies; Religious Studies News, the newspaper of record in the field; and monthly e-Bulletins highlighting all of the topical and member news. AAR also publishes five book series through Oxford University Press.
  • Networking — AAR’s Annual Meeting is the largest gathering of religious studies scholars in the world each year. Some 400 scholarly sessions and events occur on the AAR program alone. AAR members receive deep discounts on registration. Members also are invited to attend intimate regional gatherings. AAR works to continue the scholarly conversation amongst members all year long.
  • Leadership — AAR counts on its volunteers. Members serve the guild by working on the committees, program units, juries, and board. Participating within the AAR is one of the most direct ways to serve your own professional life, as well as that of others.
  • Advocacy — AAR is committed to protecting academic freedoms and promoting the importance of the academic study of religion in all aspects of public life. From secondary schools to post-graduate institutions to public policy makers, AAR endorses the importance of the work of its members and the field itself.

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This website contains archived issues of Religious Studies News published online from March 2010 to May 2013, and PDF versions of print editions published from Winter 2001 to October 2009.

This site also contains archived issues of Spotlight on Teaching (May 1999 to May 2013) and Spotlight on Theological Education (March 2007 to March 2013).

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