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From the Editor

  The Beginning of Spring and Enticing Annual Meeting Plans

AAR Membership

  Enrich Your Professional Life

Annual Meeting News

  2012 Annual Meeting News
    2012 Annual Meeting Satisfaction and Registration Survey
    Chicago Annual Meeting Photo Gallery
    Sustainability Success with NativeEnergy
    Employment Center 2012 Statistics Reveal Employment Trends in the Field
    2012 Leadership Workshop Report: More Time, Less Budget: The Role of the Department Chair in a New Economic Context
    Thank You to Outgoing Program Unit Chairs
    2012 Annual Business Meeting Minutes
  2013 Annual Meeting News
    2013 Annual Meetings Deadlines
    2013 Annual Meetings Sustainability Initiatives
    Annual Meetings Employment Center 2013
    Where to Stay in Baltimore
    Things to Do in Baltimore:
    Eating — In Alphabetical Order
    Eating — Listed by Restaurant Type
    Plenary Speakers in Baltimore
    Workshop Information:
      Religion and Ecology Workshop on "Mapping the Field of Religion and Ecology: Theories, Methods, and Future Directions"
      Religion and Media Workshop on "Persuasion's Power: How Religion Makes Its Publics"
      Rethinking Islamic Studies Workshop on "Teaching Islamic Studies: Key Topics and Best Practices"
      Study of Religion as an Analytical Discipline (SORAAD) Workshop: Methodologies and the Analytical Study of Religion
      Theological Education Workshop: Teaching Theology in a Global and Transnational World
    New Program Units
  Future Annual Meetings Sites and Dates


  In the Public Interest:
    Public, Compared to What?
  Not for Women Only:
    Sandwiched but Not Smashed: Connection, Loss, and Responsibility in the Middle Years
  From the Student Desk:
    How Being a Manual Laborer Helped Me Write a Better PhD Dissertation
    "From the Student Desk" Editor Solicitation


  A Conversation with the President
  AAR Officer Election Results
  2012-2013 Research Grant Winners
  Awards and Grants Solicitations
  Ray L. Hart Service Award
  Excellence in Teaching Award
  Individual and Collaborative Research Grants
  International Dissertation Research Grants
  Regional Development Grants
  Introducing New Religion, Culture, and History Editor
  The Book Corner
  Call for Officer Nominations
  Spotlight on Teaching Editor Solicitation
  Call for Committees of the Board and Working Group Nominations
  Committee, Task Force, and Jury Members
  Board of Directors
  Regional Coordinators
  Committees of the Board
  Audit Committee
  Executive Committee
  Finance Committee
  Nominations Committee
  Planning Committee
  Program Committee
  Working Groups
  Academic Relations
  American Lectures in the History of Religion
  Employment Services Advisory
  Graduate Student
  International Connections
  Public Understanding of Religion
  Status of LGBTIQ Persons in the Profession
  Status of Racial and Ethnic Minorities in the Profession
  Status of Women in the Profession
  Teaching and Learning
  Theological Education
  Task Forces/Juries
  AAR–SBL Joint Task Force on Labor Policy
  Excellence in the Study of Religion Book Awards and Best 1st Book in the History of Religions Juries
  Graduate Student Awards Jury
  Religion and the Arts Award Jury
  Research Grants Jury
  Outgoing Committee, Task Force, and Jury Members
  Regions Corner
  Eastern International
  New England-Maritimes
  Pacific Northwest
  Rocky Mountain-Great Plains
  Upper Midwest
  In Memoriam: C. Alan Anderson, 1930–2012
  Charles W. Fox Named President of Tillich Society

Spotlight on Theological Education

  Environmental Justice and Interreligious Ecotheology
  Earth-honoring Faith: A Decade Project, Ghost Ranch, Abiquiu, New Mexico
  Where Sustainability and Social Justice Meet in Theological Education
  Teaching toward Ecojustice: Integrating Womanist Justice and Environmental Concern in the Classroom
  Of Disability and the Garden State
  Practicing Ahimsa: Nonviolence toward Humans, Animals, and Earth
  On Beauty and Sustainability

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