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January 2012

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Call for Proposals

The Ideological Criticism Group of the Society of Biblical Literature seeks papers on the following topics:

  • The ideology and ideological use of apocalypticism. In light of current topics couched in overtly apocalyptic rhetoric — such as the 2012 hysteria and descriptions of the looming ecological disaster — we are interested in papers that analyze the ideological nature of apocalypticism, particularly in its end-of-the-world form, both ancient and modern, religious and secular and that explore the use of apocalypticism in political, religious and cultural discourse
  • The Bible and economic inequality. With the advent of the Occupy movements and other activist events we encourage papers that deal with the role of the bible in facilitating or resisting economic inequality both in ancient and modern times
  • The Chicago School impact on religious studies. We invite papers that deal with the impact that the Chicago School has had on the discipline over-all


This Group provides a place on the annual meeting program for the presentation of research that explores the political stakes of biblical texts as well as the political uses to which the Bible has been put in contemporary and historical settings. The Section also offers a site for investigation, not only of “ideology” narrowly defined, but of the myriad ways in which that which goes without saying, the hardwiring of the culture, shapes biblical interpretation and is shaped by the Bible’s influence.


Randall Reed
Appalachian State University
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