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The band plays on at the AAR Welcome Reception.
AAR members enjoying the Welcome Reception.
Busy registration.
Members use the <em>Program Book</em> to navigate the meeting.
Bienvenue a Montréal!
Comparing notes at Registration.
Islam and Modernity Plenary Panel.
Tariq Ramadan, live and in person!
Happy Birthday AAR!
Bits of AAR history.
More bits of AAR history.
Quite a crowd at the Rethinking Secularism Plenary Panel.
A packed house for Tariq Ramadan.
James Cone and Cornel West laugh it up.
Huge attendance for the Marty Forum honoring James Cone.
Kwok Pui Lan accepts the Excellence in Teaching Award.
Hari Krishnan performs Bharatanatyam.
A busy exhibit hall.
Examining the many selections.
Checking e-mail at the Cyber Café.
The exhibit hall is a good place to run into friends and colleagues.
Global Perspectives on Religious Studies Plenary Panel.
A future AAR member.
The band plays on at the AAR Welcome Reception.

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