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Call for Proposals

This Section invites individual papers and panel proposals from a variety of religious and cultural traditions exploring women’s experiences in local and transnational contexts. We are particularly interested in proposals related to one of the following themes:

  • Women’s alliances across boundaries of religions, race/ethnicity, class, and nationality to deconstruct, contextually analyze, or oppose patriarchy
  • Interdisciplinary analyses of women’s experiences of aging, elder care, and dementia, especially noting distinctions related to race/ethnicity, LGBT communities, ability, or class, including discussions of programs or arrangements to meet their spiritual needs
  • Interdisciplinary analyses of women, food, and sustainability, or women’s activism related to food, sustainability, and homelessness
  • Innovative approaches to and discussions of women, religion, and prisons
  • Women and religious conflict in the Balkans
  • Women and religious cultures in the Mediterranean region, especially as related to the above six themes
  • In conjunction with other Program Units, we seek papers for a session titled “Gender Theory, Intersectionality, and Justice.” A complex array of social structures of inequality and oppression, both overt and internalized, sustain persistent patterns of injustice and, conversely, hegemony. We seek papers that expose the intricacy, convolution, and density at the intersections of gender theory and other postmodern discourses as they seek to articulate persuasive and powerful understandings of justice


This Section is the forum for broad-based scholarly discussion of the public and private lives of women and religion. We explore inter- and intrareligious discussions related to any aspect of women’s religious experience across the wide spectrum of cultures, time periods, theories, and methodologies. We encourage innovation, new insights, and emerging themes in scholarship as we seek to facilitate the mainstreaming academic study of gender and women in religion in all fields represented in the academy. This Section welcomes research committed to rethinking categories and contexts of analysis, facilitating dialogue across disciplinary boundaries, and extending and reformulating conversations on the relations between theory and practice.

Anonymity of Review Process

Proposer names are visible to Chairs but anonymous to Steering Committee Members.


Nami Kim
Spelman College
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Rosetta E. Ross
Spelman College
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Method of Submission


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