January 2013

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Call for Proposals

This Group invites proposals for the following topics:

  • For a cosponsored session with the History of Christianity Section, Methodism in the Civil War era. We are particularly interested in papers that explore the historical realities and theological rationales for Wesleyan and Methodist participation in the conflict on both sides. Papers that offer comparative analyses of Wesleyan and Methodist involvements in other national conflicts are welcome

  • John B. Cobb Jr.’s book Is It Too Late? A Theology of Ecology (originally published in 1972; Revised edition, Environmental Ethics Books, 1995) was the first book-length theological treatment of the impending ecological crisis. Forty years later, the ecological crisis has deepened as the human population of the earth continues to grow exponentially and mounting evidence indicates the realities of global warming and climate change as a consequence of human activity. We invite papers that will contribute to a constructive Wesleyan theology of ecology


This Group seeks to promote the critical understanding and appropriation of Wesleyan traditions. Our sessions are purposefully structured to encourage not only historical/sociological studies, but also theological reflection, critique, and extension. We understand Wesleyan traditions to include Methodist, Holiness, and other related strands of Christian tradition.

Anonymity of Review Process

Proposer names are visible to Chairs but anonymous to Steering Committee members.


Rex D. Matthews
Emory University
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Priscilla Pope-Levison
Seattle Pacific University
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Method of Submission


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