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Michael D. Waggoner, University of Northern Iowa

Michael D. Waggoner is the editor of Religion and Education. He is Professor of Education and is in his eighth year as Head of the Department of Educational Leadership, Counseling, and Postsecondary Education in the University of Northern Iowa, College of Education.

Religion and Education is a journal of analysis and comment with the purpose of advancing public understanding and dialogue on issues at the intersection of religion and education. More than two hundred years of practice and constitutional interpretation shape the current relationship of education and religion in the United States. Through dialogue and confrontation, from the earliest colonial days of Christian consensus through challenging modern and postmodern voices, scholars and lay people alike continue to explore, differentiate, and clarify the respective influences of these social forces on one another.

These issues emerge in various venues and manuscripts are invited from work in any such arena: public and private education; early childhood, elementary, secondary, or higher education institutions; non-school or community organizations and settings; and formal or informal organizations or groups with religion or spirituality as an integral part of their work. Over its history, the journal has paid particular attention to legal issues and court cases involving religion and education. In recent years, attention has also been paid to the increasing presence of religious and spiritual traditions from other than Western cultures. Since the early 1980’s, the  journal has covered topics including school prayer; intelligent design and evolution; vouchers; character education; challenges and opportunities of multicultural curriculum; and approaches to teaching religion in schools. Future editorial directions will continue to follow developments in these areas while broadening attention to include emergent religious pluralism, widespread interest in spirituality, social justice, and the environment. Greater attention will be given to developments in higher education, the work of international scholars, and important developments in areas and organizations outside formal public and private education. These could include community-based work as well as foundations, not-for-profit and non-governmental organizations, and business. All of these organizations have significant educational missions and impact many people in their workplace.

We invite articles from diverse methodological approaches, and theoretical and ideological perspectives. Readers from a variety of faith traditions and worldviews can expect to find a rich diversity of ideas represented. It is the intent of the editors to present material that, though challenging and provocative, is undertaken with scholarly care. Some articles are invited, but unsolicited articles are also encouraged. The journal’s Web site contains more information, including related links, submission guidelines, editorial board, and subscription information.

Michael D. Waggoner, Editor
Religion and Education
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