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Friday, November 16, 12:00 PM–5:00 PM

There are few times in the history of the United States in which the study of religion has been more important than it is today. But this is also a time in which the study of religion faces much discussed challenges. Increasingly, departmental leaders are pressured (for example) to rely more heavily on part-time faculty, to reduce their budgets, to become more efficient by increasing class sizes or numbers of majors, and to present purely utilitarian arguments on behalf of the importance of studying religion. Designed for both novice and seasoned department leaders, the 2012 Leadership Workshop brings together seasoned experts who will highlight some of the most successful responses to the pressures faced by the leaders of religious studies (along with humanities and social science) departments. In plenaries, panels, and breakout sections, participants in this workshop will identify practical skills and learn more about the best ways for departments to create situations in which the study of religion can survive and flourish.

The cost for the workshop is $60, which includes lunch and the entire afternoon of sessions. Registration is limited to the first 75 participants. To sign up for the workshop, log back into the online Annual Meeting registration system and add the workshop or fax in this form to +1-404-727-7959.

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