Sacred Space in Asia Print

Call for Proposals

This Group invites individual paper or full panel proposals from a wide variety of historical and methodological perspectives, especially on the following topics:

  • Asian sacred space in visual culture
  • The removal and repatriation of material culture in sacred space
  • Space as practiced, performed, and ritually maintained
  • Embodiment and sacred space
  • Layering and interpenetration of temporalities in sacred space

These topics are recommended, but other proposals related to sacred space in Asia are also welcome. We encourage submissions to have collaborations or opportunities for cosponsorship with other Program Units.


This Group addresses the manner in which sacred sites in Asia have localized religious, artistic, national, political, commercial, environmental, legal, and ethnic factors throughout history. Our scope is pan-Asian in the broadest sense, ranging from Bamiyan to Borobudur, from Angkor Wat to the Ganges ghats. We engage a wide variety of methodological approaches to investigating the past and present role of specific sites in Asia and seek to explore both transregional and transhistorical themes that relate to sacred space in Asia in general.

Anonymity of Review Process

Proposer names are visible to Chairs but anonymous to steering committee members.


Brian J. Nichols
Central Michigan University
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Method of Submission