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Have you considered applying for a 2011–2012 Regional Development Grant? Regional Development Grants provide funds for special projects within the regions that promise to benefit the scholarly and professional life of AAR members and do the work of the AAR in the regions. Workshops, special programs, training events, and other innovative regional projects may be funded through this source. Where possible, projects are designed so that they may be duplicated or transported to other regions.

Applications should include a narrative description of the project detailing how the project promises to benefit the scholarly and professional life of AAR members and the work of the region. Please include comments on how these projects or activities may be adapted to other regional groups. The application should state the time period covered by the project and provide a detailed budget (office expenses, travel expenses, honoraria, stipend, and other expenses). Institutional overhead costs should not be included in this budget. No grant will exceed $4,000.


August 1, 2011 — Grant proposals due to Regional Directors
September 1, 2011 — Regional Directors forward grants to Regions Committee
October 15, 2011 — Regional grant awards announced

Successful Regional Development Grants from Prior Years: 2010–2011 Winners

Mid-Atlantic Region

Anthony Cirelli, Saint John’s University
Plenary and Break-out Session at the 2011 MAR/NEMAAR Annual Meeting

Southeast Region

Michael Bradley Jr., Georgia Perimeter College
Jason Flato, Georgia Perimeter College
Workshop for Instructors of Religion at Two-Year Institutions

Rosalind I. J. Hackett, University of Tennessee, Knoxville
Religion in the Workplace and the World: A Training Seminar for East Tennessee Professionals

Southwest Region

Andrew O. Fort, Texas Christian University
Teaching Contemplative Traditions: A Workshop

Western Region

Rebecca Moore, San Diego State University
Immigration Reform: Linking the Academy to Activism


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