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Call for Proposals

Through its years of operation, this Seminar has suggested a working definition of Christian Zionism as “political action, informed by specifically Christian commitments, to promote or preserve Jewish control over the geographic area now containing Israel and the occupied Palestinian territories.” As the Seminar draws to a close, we invite proposals for papers that will grapple with this definition and suggest alternatives. We welcome a variety of methodological perspectives, including historical and phenomenological approaches, as well as suggestions for deepening and extending academic engagement with this emerging field of inquiry.


The phenomenon of Christian Zionism — in its contemporary forms, faith-based Christian political support for the State of Israel — provides opportunities for reflecting on the intersections of religion with history, popular culture, domestic political movements, foreign policy analysis, and interreligious engagement, among other topics. Specifically, the subject is becoming a locus of rich intra-Christian conversation, including matters of biblical interpretation, fundamentalism, and evangelicalism. Although Christian Zionism is largely an Anglo-American phenomenon, scholars in several contexts have turned their attention to the topic. More precise studies are needed so the phenomenon can be better comprehended.

Anonymity of Review Process

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