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January 2013

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Call for Proposals

This Group seeks submissions on the following themes:

  • Religion and the earth, ecologies, and global climate change from Latina/o perspectives

  • Conceptualizations of the body latinamente, particularly through music and dance

  • Responses to/engagement with the movie Cloud Atlas

  • The future directions of Latina/o theology

Individual and panel proposals will be considered.


This Group examines, through systematic study and reflection, the social locations, religious beliefs, and practices of the rich and diverse multicultural backgrounds of Latinas/os in the United States. The Group recognizes that this is an interdisciplinary enterprise in view of the cultural and religious roots and sources of Latinos/as, including heritages from Europe, indigenous nations of the Americas, Africa, and Asia. The traditions emerging out of the mixture of these cultures throughout the Americas continue to undergo further development and innovation in the North American context, producing the distinct phenomena of Latino/a theologies and religions. It is this rich and deep religious/theological-cultural-social-political complex that is the focus of this Group.

Anonymity of Review Process

Proposer names are visible to Chairs but anonymous to Steering Committee members.


Neomi De Anda
DePaul University
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Santiago Pinon
Texas Christian University
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Method of Submission


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